What they say

"The photos from Lil Pals are so great, we have now covered 3 walls with their photos.  We are working on the fourth wall now!"

by: Carlos and Patty, Cut n' Fluff, Lake Dallas, Texas




What we do

Generally, we offer classic, fun, seasonal, sports, and patriotic scenes.  Classic options include chaise lounge, leopard chair, color schemes, Black and White, Sepia etc.  Fun options include beach, feather boas, bow ties, neck ties, pearls, tiaras, bandanas, sunglasses, western, picnic, Mardi Gras, etc. Seasonal options include, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentines Day, etc.  Sports options, include your local colleges, pro teams, generic golf, baseball, football, soccer, etc.

Immediately after the photo session, you get to view the photos on the spot on a large monitor.  You will choose your favorite shots and then choose either 8x10’s, 5x7’s, or wallets.  We also offer enlargement sizes, 10x13, 11x14, 16x20 and poster size 20x24.  You can turn any shot into B&W or Sepia.  We also offer wonderful novelty items, such as mouse pads, coffee cups, t-shirts, sweatshirts, purses, license plates, earrings, even afghan throws that are permanently woven (never fades).  The images are sent to our high end professional lab, where they are touched up and color corrected for the most beautiful end results. 

However, you also have the option to purchase a CD.  With the CD, you get all the shots in your photo session.  The good ones, the fun ones and even the “outtakes”.  With the CD you get it instantly.  You are able to walk out the door with it!  Most importantly, we release the copyrights to you.  You can go to your local store and print them immediately.  You can print them at home.  You can email them or put them on Facebook.  You can make Christmas cards or business cards.  We have had customers enter them into photo contests, magazine covers, advertisements, signs etc.  We had one customer create a wine label with her photo.  Another customer, created a Yorkie calendar, put it on Ebay and sold 50 of them.  She actually made money with her CD! 


Frequently asked Questions

Do we photograph multiple pets in one sitting?

  • Yes, our record is 16!  As long as we can get them on our table, we will get the shot!

What type of pets do you photograph?

  • We have taken dogs, cats, birds, lizards, ferrets, guinea pigs, pot belly pigs, horses, lambs, even Snakes!  If it is legal, we will do it!

Can people be in the sitting?

  • Absolutely!  Kids, babies, families (Great for Christmas Cards especially).

What about a “problem dog”?

  • Each dog has its own personality.  Whether it is hyper, aggressive, lethargic or timid, we get the shot!  We have unique tricks, but let us know if your dog has “special needs" and it will handled accordingly!

What about large dogs?

  • As long as we can get the dog on our table, we will get the shot.  We have had many over 200 pounds! We even had a miniature horse inside our RV, but it was only 85 pounds!